Correct Watch Order to Watch Haikyuu.

If you are in this blog after you have heard about the jump festa announcements and when you have known about the season 6 of the Haikyuu. Now the users also want to know about the correct order in which they can watch Haikyuu and the order in which it will be correct to watch the season as well. 

The correct order to watch the haikyuu - 

  • Haikyuu season 1

  • OVA Lev genzan!

  • First movie : Owari to Hajimamari

  • Second movie : Shousha to Haisha

  • Haikyuu season 2

  • OVA vs Akaten

  • Haikyuu season 3 (Karasuno High school vs Shiratorizawa Academy )

  • OVA Toukushuu! Haru-kou Volley Ni Kaketa Seishun / Riku vs Kuu

  • Third Movie Sainou To Sense

  • Fourth Movie Concept no Tatakai

  • Haikyuu season 4 To the Top (first part)

  • Haikyuu season 4 To the Top ( second part)


We hope that the information we have provided to our users about the best information they will ever get about Haikyuu and not only this but the users will also see that they are able to watch these online on crunchy roll and that too in a correct order. 


We also know that the readers might be excited for Haikyuu next season and they will see that the new season will be excited for the users and they will surely like the upcoming series and they will enjoy to watch it when they want to and that too in the correct order which is advised.