Why is Friday night funkin popular?

Before we get to know why Friday funkin night is so popular we would like to preset you a list of unblocked games Friday night funkin so that you can use them and play the games which you like and enjoy your time. 

  1. FNF [full week]

  2. FNF vs pibby twilight sparkle – dusk till dawn 

  3. FNF vs sonic.exe 2.0

  4. FNF vs mommy long legs (playing popp)

  5. FNF vs huggy wuggy [poppy playtime]

  6. FNF vs impostor among Us V3

  7. FNF : pibby corrupted 

  8. FNF : indie cross vs cuphead sans 

Friday night funkin popular is very much popular because it combines of video games with the rap battle on the streets which is there. It has several amazing features and updates available for the users who are playing this game and the users can play this game in any of the device you want which is android or iOS. This game will put you into a battle with your loved ones and that too in a rhythm battle and the characters of this game are called as boyfriend and girl friend and you can also keep a record of your progress in the app and you can enjoy the game and your time playing this game.